Date of Birth  : Nov.8.1943

Martial status: Married, have 5 children (4 boys &one girl)

Nationality      : Jordanian

Academic Qualification:

1.M.B.B.CH Cairo University, June 1969

     (Grande Vary Good With Honour Degree)

2.D.G.O (Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynecology), Cairo University "Degree Good" Oct. 1971

3.E.C.F.M.G. July 1972

4.M.R.C.O.G. July 1976 "England"

5.FA.C.O.G Oct. 1978 "U.S.A"

6.Affeliale Fellow A.C.O.G. 1980 "U.S.A"

7.F.R.C.O.G. "England" 1989


Special interest: Reproductive Endocunology (I.V.F) and Endoscopic Surery.

 Work Experience:

1.One year rotating intership. Cairo University Hospitals. Cairo 1969-1970

2.One year resident Dept. Ob/Gyn., Cairo University Hospitals.

      Cairo 1970-1971

3.3 years Senior House Officer Ob/Gyn., at Great yarmouth, England 1971-1973

4.3 years residency program at New Hanover Memorial Hospital- Wilmington N.C. U.S.A. 1973-1976

5.2 years Consultant Ob/Gyn. At Al-Bashir Hospital Amman-Jordan 1976-1978

6.Private Practice in private Clinic Ob/Gyn. Consultant Amman- Jordan 1978-1983

     7.  Group Practice in Al-Amal Hospital / Jabal Al Hussain Amman-   Jordan


Public and Academic Activities and posts:

1.Member of the council for 4 years, than Chairman of Jordan Ob/Gyn. Society for 4 years.

2.Member of the Ob/Gyn. Specialty Board of the Supreme Medical Council for 4 years.

3.Member of the Specialty Board of Supreme Medical Council.

4.Member of the Syndicate Court for up until now.

5.Examiner of the Ob/Gyn. Specialty Board since 1982.

6.Examiner at Jordan University, Islamic Hospital and Bashor Hospital Both for Medical students and residents exams.

7.Board of Directors for Al Amal Hospital and I.V.F Unit.



1.Member of Jordan Medical Society.

2.Member of Jordan Ob/Gyn. Society.

3.Member of Jordan Tumour Society.

4.Member of the Royal College of Ob/Gyn. Society.

5.Member of the American Ob/Gyn. Society.

6.Member of the American Association of Gyn. Laparoscpists.

7.Member of the American Fertility Society

8.Member of the ESHRE.

9.Member of the MEFS.

10.Member of Jordanian Private Practice Society.



1.Full term delivery after ICSI from frozen testicular tissue.

2.Mid-trimester abortion after successful fetal reduction of twelve fetuses to three.

3.Fertilization capacity of testicular compared to ejaculate sperms.

4.Comparative study of minilong protocol to short protocol in low responders.

5.Sex ratio in ICSI procedure.

6.The role of oxygen reactive radicals in sperm capacitating.

7.Urological injuries in private Ob/Gyn. Practice "Oral Presentation".

8.Internal lilac Artery Legation "Oral Presentation".

9.Male infertility from a Gynecologic perspective "Oral Presentation".

10.Micromanipulation on ongoing revolution "Oral Presentation".